A beautiful voice message recently received from an elderly man at EPOCH Brewster nursing home:

Dear Flower Angels…thank you for sending us a lovely bouquet of flowers from Flower Angels. Since I don’t have a car and I don’t have postage, I am giving you a call. Our flowers are just lovely and I am going to take good care of them. My family haven’t sent me flowers and my friends haven’t sent me flowers so this is very special…very special. Flower Angels USA…..thank you.”

Along with a beautiful floral arrangement, the Flower Angels bring a moment of kindness and a lot of sunshine to lonely patients in the nursing homes throughout the Cape. There was not a dry eye in our workshop last week when we played this message for all of the Flower Angel volunteers to hear how much their hard work is truly appreciated. Each and every heart string was tugged by this grateful dear man’s voice who took the time and obviously an incredible amount of energy to call and express his sincere gratitude.

We welcome new Flower Angels to gather with us on Thursday 10:30 AM to 1 PM to deconstruct and repurpose flowers while meeting new, wonderful friends. No experience is required. Currently our Monday, Tuesday and Friday slots are filled to capacity.