Kathleen T., our very first Flower Angel volunteer, lives in Dennis and is a retired school principal.  She is an amazing woman…bright, fun and always ready to lend a helping hand for whatever is needed.  Kathleen has been an awesome flower coach to her buddy, Mara. She loves our mission and we love her.

When we first started out, none of us knew how to make bouquets. Karen S., Kathleen and I tried offering tips to each for the seasonal iris but we were equally as bad. We all laughed our way through the initial days. When delivering to the nursing homes, we were a little nervous about gifting some of the more pathetic looking flower arrangements to the patients. Geez—some were quite embarrassing!  But as we got going, they started to improve dramatically. When more  experienced flower arrangers and artists appeared, offering tips and examples, we were on our way to turning out hundreds of magnificent bouquets….one more beautiful than the other.  Many people at the nursing homes began commenting on how lovely and unique the bouquets were. We smiled inside knowing how far we had come in such a short time.