“Thank you for sharing your mission with me! What a fabulous feeling to bring a smile to the faces of so many.  I’m so blessed to have you in my life! I can’t tell you how full my heart is on my first day of my new mission of joining Flower Angels! My heart is overflowing with love, goodness and happiness because of you.”  Much love, Ro

I met this amazing woman in a yoga class. Our teacher ends each session by asking the group to share happy news. Of course, I can’t wait to share a story about Flower Angels USA! I mentioned that we had an abundance of flowers and vases donated to us but were desperate for volunteers. Ro immediately came to me and asked about Flower Angels USA. After showing her our brochure, she immediately followed me to the workshop and dove in! Although she had never done flower arranging before (neither have most of us) she whipped out many gorgeous bouquets. Not only is she a creative flower arranger, she is also a talented photographer and captures our very busy workshop in action. We are so blessed and grateful to have her on our team and send a BIG HUG to Ro!