Welcome to March, the month when daffodils and crocuses start to peek out and tell us spring is on its way. Flower Angels have been busy all winter cheerfully delivering love and flowers all across Cape Cod to those who need a little bit of sunshine to brighten their day. Here is one sentiment of gratitude we received about our mission:

Dear Flower Angels,
“I live in Connecticut so do not get to see my mom on Cape Cod as often as I would like. She has been feeling down in the dumps so I visited her last week. To my surprise, when I walked in the room she had a big smile on her face and pointed to the lovely antique teacup flower arrangement on her bedside table. She said the Flower Angels visited the nursing home and cheered up the day for many residents. You brought my mom such joy and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. What a beautiful charity! God bless each and everyone of you.” Chloe S

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