We love our beautiful wedding flowers,the brides who donated them and Karen Rood,the wonderful event planner at Wychmere Beach Club who is always making sure we get the SUVs full of splendid flowers. And we love our Flower Angel volunteers! After a very busy week arranging tons of gorgeous wedding flowers, Suzanne, RO, and Gail are kicking up their legs and having a lot of fun at Menopause the Musical. Flower Angels work hard and have a lot of fun at our workshop. Sometimes we dance and sometimes we sing—lots of smiles and laughter—stop by and join an awesome group of women joyfully doing wonderful work for others!

We welcome our new volunteers, Strell, Patty and Luanne who have sprouted their wings! They are creating spectacular bouquets that bring grins from ear to ear to the patients in the nursing homes throughout the Cape. You girls rock!

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