Ro, Suzanne, Irene, Gail, Kathleen, Sandy, Karen, Catherine, Irene, Jean, Jane and Daiva are letting their light shine! Smiles galore depict our love for our work and each member of our 30 awesome Flower Angel family. Dedicated volunteers joyfully recycle and repurpose flowers regularly donated to us from Trader Joes and magnificent wedding venues. Since May we have cheerfully delivered nearly 2800 bouquets Cape-wide to patients in nursing homes, hospice and assisted living facilities, Spaulding Rehab and Meals On Wheels clients. Our mission is to uplift spirits and bring a little sunshine to those who have few, if any, visitors. Patients are delighted to have monthly visits from the Flower Angels.

Stacey, our dynamo Director of Publicity is our newest Flower Angel. She has obtained the Land Ho in Harwich for our first annual fundraising event on November 2 from 2 PM to 4 PM and is guiding us along the way. We are thrilled to have Stacey on our team and thank Dillion for his kindness and generosity for donating his family restaurant.