Thanks to an awesome team of volunteers on a mission and generous brides, venues and Trader Joes, Flower Angels USA is growing with leaps and bounds.

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our three newlywed couples who donated all of their spectacular flower and centerpieces. When I first walked in and saw so many magnificent flowers, it took my breath away. And then we got to work carrying them to the SUV. It took three trips back and forth to our workshop to get them all there.  This was a blessing because recently we were told that many nursing home budgets for flower arranging had been eliminated a year or so ago.  Alzheimer’s patients love arranging flowers and it is very therapeutic for them. We took several of this centerpieces and a box of smaller vases to one of the nursing homes. Everyone was delighted. Our next mission will be to seek plastic vases as this is what is needed for the Alzheimer’s units.