The Dali Lama once told us that our purpose in life is to be happy. But, the only way we can be truly happy is to serve others.

I thought about this many times through out the years. Many people feel an emptiness in their hearts but have no idea how to change that. We invite them to experience time in our workshop with our wonderful Flower Angels volunteers and deliver flowers to those in nursing homes who have never had a visitor. Their hearts will be full very quickly!

Sadly, the patients in nursing homes are there because life offered no other options. When the Flower Angels arrive with cart loads of amazing, brilliantly colored flowers, many are so happy and can’t believe they were delivered to the right room. We read the flower card…”This bouquet was made especially for you.” They are so surprised and grateful. They love to know the recycled and repurposed flowers were generously donated from the beautiful weddings at Wychmere  Beach Club, Chatham Bars Inn, Wequassett Inn, Ocean Edge Resort and that Trader Joes has been a wonderful floral partner to Flower Angels USA’s mission. Some staff, patients and our new volunteers are so touched their eyes fill with tears. Everyone who delivers bouquets cannot help but be touched deeply. Although we keep our cheery smiles, hearts break each time we think society has all but forgotten our elderly people who have so many stories and so much to teach us. And then we are reminded of how Flower Angels USA must be in the flow of Divine Grace because it was instantly successfully just delivering random acts of love to many. Only weeks ago we were buying flowers and vases…and now we have an abundance of many things we need donated. Wonderful volunteers are finding us…and loving the mission. Our hearts are smiling every day. It’s challenging using so many cars to pick up and deliver flowers and lugging many heavy boxes of flowers is difficult but we know we are involved in an important mission. We keep the faith that a blessing of a van is on it’s way!

In the past week, we have delivered smiles galore to Beacon Hospice, The Pavillion, Eagle Pond, Mayflower Place and Thirwood Place.

Flower Angels USA on a mission….delivering joy to others!  Our hearts are smiling.

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