Flower Angels USA was founded on the idea that perfectly good flowers and lonely patients were a match made in heaven.

Cape Cod has over 2000 nursing home beds. Our population is older – and many people retire and live out their lives here, away from family and friends. When they need care, there is sometimes few people to visit. That’s where the idea for Flower Angels USA came from. Bring a bouquet to someone who can use a little “floral love” right here on Cape Cod.

Flowers are lovely.

They are part of so many special times and memorable events in our lives. Weddings. Parties. And yes, funerals. These flowers are at their peak of loveliness – and then the party is over.

flowers in trash barrelGood flowers end up tossed in the trash.

When the party is over, all those lovely flowers are left. Most arrangements for weddings (and funerals) are too big to sit on your table at home. Some people try dropping off these huge pieces at the hospital or a nursing home, but the staff does not have the time or materials to do anything with those arrangements; often they are turned away before they even get in the door.

What to do?

Flower Angels USA happily takes these arrangements and deconstructs them. Flowers and greens are sorted. That huge head-table piece with three dozen roses becomes 10 personal-sized bouquets to brighten 10 patients’s lives.

Flowers-vaseSounds like a pretty easy decision…

Contact us today and learn how your flowers can make someone happy and loved after your guests have gone home.