bouquet with rosesWant to make a truly memorable day even more special?

Consider donating your flowers after your wedding reception is over.

All those flowers that you spent so much time picking out and were such a special part of your wedding…they can brighten someone’s day long after your reception is over.

Yes…we really DO want your wedding flowers.

Weddings are one of our best sources for quality flowers.

Trash…or someone else’s treasure?

The sad fact is that most wedding flowers end up in the Dumpster after the reception. Sure…a few of the table pieces go home with guests, but the majority of wedding flowers end their life in the trash.

Green is Good…Recycle your wedding flowers

We carefully disassemble your flowers and sort them for reuse. Any plant material that can’t be used is composted. Bows and ribbons are reused. Vases and baskets are refilled. Plastic, paper, and metal is all sorted and recycled.

Interested in learning more?

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