This last week, Flower Angels had two incredibly busy days arranging and delivering flowers to Spaulding Rehab, Windsor Nursing Home and Pleasant Bay Nursing home.  We were up to our ears in flowers that were generously donated by Trader Joes. We want to thank three newly married couples who donated their wedding flowers to us. Most of us focus on ourselves at a wedding event, but these folks choose to give their flowers to our nursing home residents. Many thanks and congratulations on your marriage!!!!

Our volunteers are developing their own personal style. Ro has a love and a flair for creating beautiful arrangements in our colored vases. She collected them off of our shelves, stored them behind her and was creating and creating at a terrific rate.

Kathleen has broken out of traditional arrangements and has moved on to gorgeous big bouquets. One looked like an alien being, with antennas . A novel approach to using tall irises.

Suzanne worked tirelessly rearranging our shelves of over 2000 vases, while Karen wrapped and loaded the arrangements for delivery.

Bonnie worked at a peaceful pace and her flowers reflected beauty and harmony, while our newest angel, Betsy fit right in and declared that she was going to bring her mother soon.

Karen D., who is helping in our office (bless her heart) said afterward that she “had a blast”.

Mara, Suzanne’s daughter found that she can create with the rest of us and we are all so proud of her!!!!!

Flower Angels is lifting off and delivering to so many residents of nursing homes and hospice centers. We are delivering smiles and uplifting spirits and love what we are doing. Thank you to everyone involved!

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