Our Green Commitment

This Flower Angel is GREEN… I am a Flower Recycler

Even though my Angel dress is purple, my mission is to recycle gently used flowers from weddings, memorial services, events, and grocers. My Flower Angels USA® volunteers take these (often) oversized floral arrangements and make new bouquets that we deliver all over Cape Cod.

Did you know that Flower Angels USA strives to be GREEN?

We receive thousands of flowers weekly. Most of them are perfectly fine to be recycled and repurposed into cheerful bouquets. But some flowers and greens are not vase-worthy. Do we throw them away? Of course not! All of our leftover flowers, stems, and greens are composted and used by landscapers, gardeners and other partners in the community.

Our GREEN doesn’t stop with composting!

We carefully sort any pieces leftover from putting bouquets together. We recycle our paper, metal, rubber and plastics. We repurpose as many things as possible including ribbons, bows and rubber bands. We collector vases to sterilize and reuse again and again. We are proud of our GREEN commitment from the first day of our founding.